Lately I came across reading a book written by Hamidah Sulaiman and Farrah Dina Yusop on their book titled “Mendidik Anak Genius”. Overall, the content is good, the writer managed to discuss thoroughly on how to train our children to be a genius from infants till 4 years and above.

Tapi of course, nak educate our children nih mesti bermula dari alam rahim lagi, baca al-quran, jaga peribadi, emosi, dan bagi saya paling penting adalah pemakanan yang sihat, :no junk food please: dan rajin2lah berckp dgn baby, ckplah “baby nih bijak nih”, “baby ummi nnt soleh nih” ;P

So, kat sini saya summarizedlah what I read

Baby (from birth—>6month)
1. Buat aktiviti yg blh ransang 5 deria utama, make sure ada eye contact,make sure give respons (eg kalau baby gelak,kita pun kenalah gelak sama, thee hee heee)

2. Biarkan baby explore their punya body, jgnlah asik dukung jer, letak kat lantai, biar dia explore kaki dia, tgn dia etc, try geletek dia.

3. Kalu baby dah cecah umur 4 bulan lebih, try introduce dier dgn variety of objects (eg, kain kesat, kain lembut etc) sebab time nih dier dah boleh pegang dah.

4. Kasi baby mainan bunyi, macam itik yang bila tekan bunyi tu.

5. Kemdian try kasik object in any shapes, (empat segi, bulat etc)

Baby (6 month—>1 thn)
1. Cuba kasik mainan yang berbunyi, cth dram

2. Main sorok-sorok and watch reaction dia

Then dalam buku ni pun ada describe dengan detail aktiviti-aktiviti yang boleh merangsang anak..worth reading lah orang kata..

Until then see ya!

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