Usana Range of Products

Why Usana Essentials?

1. provide a broad range of essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other micro nutrients to maintain long-term health and well-being.
2. increase the immunizations cells
3. lower the cholesterol
4. balance the blood pressure
5. control the content of sugar in the body
6. reduce the risk of cancer, strok and heart attack7. remove toxic
8. good for those who has asthma
9. fix the damage cell

It's combination of 2 great products which packaged as one which are:

  • AO PRO, a comprehensive formula of vitamins, antioxidants, and other important nutrients that every adult needs every day for efficient cellular metabolism and to counteract the damaging effects of free radicals.
  • CHELATED MINERAL, a full-spectrum blend of essential minerals and trace elements in a balanced, highly bioavailable formulation. When taken together with AO PRO, these supplements complete the nutritional foundation for every adult.

This great product for only RM195 (PROMOTION PRICE ) with 84 tablets/bottle

:: We also need an Optimizers !!

It's an extensive nutritional products that will complete your nutritional program. Just in 2 steps, your body will have the most complete nutrional needs. Provides an antioxidant formula based on a synergistic combination of grape seed bioflavonoids and Poly C

1. help to reduce hair falls
2. nourish the uterus, able to heals uterus tumors
3. fixing the damage cells
4. neuralizing free radicals
5. good for skin supplement ( to prevent pigmentation and pimples)
6. strengthen your heart

* Note: not suitable for pregnant women

This great product for only RM130 (PROMOTION PRICE ) with 90 tablets/bottle

Containing EPA and DHA to support health, promote optimal growth and development

1. reduce the tendon strength
2. good for skin supplement
3. anti flamation
4. lower the risk of having strok
5. increase the good fat (HDL) and reduce the bad fat (LDL)
6. smoothen the blood circulation
7. contains EPA and DHA which is good for memory
8. suitable for pregant women and nursing mama
9. reduce stress

This great product for only RM90 (PROMOTION PRICE ) with 120 tablets/bottle

1. Build immune to disease
2. Antioxidant (important in the waterlogged body,
plasma and help cells that have been damaged as a result of free radicals)
3. Formation of collagen (cartilage, muscle & refine skin)
4. important for wound healing
5. improving delivery of calcium and serum

*Note: can be used by patients because gastric PolyC present in minerals form askorbat

Active Calcium Plus

1. Strengthens bones and teeth
2. Helps relieve pain nerves
3. Magnesium as amino acids and carbohydrate metabolism
4. Reduce the problem bellow
5.Enzyme catalyst
6.Help activate problem with coral calcium saturated (stones) and release it through the excretory system

** Not just calcium but also provide increased capacity for calcium absorption cell (vitamin D3).

This great product for only RM87 (PROMOTION PRICE ) with 112 tablets/bottle

1. A formulation to help maintain good health
2. Contains lutein, an antioxidant that appears to reduce harmful free radicals in various parts of the body
3. Mineral called Lutein Anti-oxidants can lead to blood vessels in the most delicate organs of the human eye

This great product for only RM135 (PROMOTION PRICE ) with 56 tablets/bottle

Procasa II

1. Help to relieve the gout problem
2.Helps to reduce problems associated with JOINT (synovial fluid form) eg osteoarthritis

*Note: recommended to take with active calcium plus

This great product for only RM90 (PROMOTION PRICE ) with 84 tablets/bottle


1. Blood circulation
2. Help slowing down the menopous process
3.Good for intercourse
4.Reduce the risk of having cronic cancer
5.Maintaining a healthy heart, blood pressure and the level of good cholesterol
6.Coenzyme Q10 provides 10 times more to the heart
7.Coenzyme Q10 is an important energy provider to the heart.

** Consumer aged 40 and above are encouraged to take coquinone because the decreasing production of Coenzyme Q10 in the body

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