Life is just being complicated. Everyday we see people rushing here and there. sometimes we do not know what they are chasing for.

being a khalifah on this earth means there’s a huge responsibilities to ourself and to ALLAH.

sometimes we wonder, are we being fair to ourself?, our own body and mind? sometimes we have to simplify our life as time is getting short and shorter

but some people just can’t think the way we think. they keep on publicizing on the matters that we think shouldn’t be.

and that’s will give stress to us. how to avoid stress? and how to handling this type of people? hm.. sometimes it will take longer than u think, but with Allah’s will may be in fraction of second.

me to avoid streess? just make thing simple. don’t complicated your life. enjoy your life. trust yourself, believed in Allah and do things that u think it is the best for you.

so enjoy life while we can!!

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