On the last day of MAHA 2010, my soulmate asked me to pay a visit to MAHA 2010, it's a bit strange because he's not so into carnival, fiesta, expo and kind of like that, but i agreed to join the crowd. So I packed my littles kiddos stuff and expecting to reach there before magrib. The rain had accompany us all the way thru to the UPM Serdang. When we arrived at Gate A, there's a long queue heading to the car park entrance. No long waiting, my soulmate had a chance to park the car just 1 km to the expo. So we walked up till the station where there's a tractor that gives a free rides. that was my first experience with tractor, can't forget my son's face while he holding tight my soulmate pants. was really a MAHA, it was my first time to MAHA, so I was so excited. i was so regret of not visiting MAHA last 2 years. it was really2 happening. thus to cut it short, my soulmate bought 2 roses..i was fasinating by it;s color, thanks dear. then i was captivating by the lavender, so we bought 3 lavender but we got free 2 plants, one is lemon, and another one I couldnt remember but the function of it is to halau the mosquitos..

now my tiny garden is a 'live', full of energy, and keep me motivated all along..

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